Who are we

It all started with an earnest intent to cater to the needs of the society while leaving a minimal carbon footprint. Biocross – A passionate effort to create a homogeneous cross between humanity and mother nature. Here at Biocross, we try our best to provide you Biovians with quality healthcare products because if there is a single aspect of your life where you can’t afford to make compromises, it’s in healthcare. 

What We Do

Biocross is a unique effort in healthcare industry where we put all our efforts to provide you with the most hassle free experience while using our products. We are eager to listen to your suggestions and are constantly working towards innovating new methodologies and product designs that suit your comfort and ensure our commitment towards quality.

Our Vision

  • To constantly innovate new techniques, designs and building a better manufacturing ecosystem to ensure quality and reliabilty.
  • To help maintain a balance with nature to ensure sustainability of a healthy ecosystem
  • To support Biovians in their journey of life; helping them along the way by providing them with natural products that are both reliable and efficient.

Our Brands

Biocross is a young brand that combines the passion of young blood with experience of JaisonCare ensuring an almost zero error factor in our designs and products.